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Additional Resources to Improve Your TURF IQ

    Did you know the Texas AgriLife Extension Service offers practical, how-to education to any resident of Texas? Go to to learn more.

    The Texas Water Foundation reminds us, “Just about everything we do in our daily lives — directly or indirectly — depends upon water.” It offers links to conservation resources on its website:

    The Native Plant Society of Texas promotes the use of water-wise plants native to North Texas. For information on landscaping with native plants and specific plant recommendations, go to

    The Texas Water Development Board provides information about drought — what it is, how it is measured, and what you can do to lessen its effects. This web page also features a thorough collection of state and national drought-related links: http://

    The Alliance for Water Efficiency advocates for water-efficient products and programs, and provides information and assistance on water conservation efforts. For information, go to

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s mission, in part, is to protect our nation’s waters. For information about all things water-related, from drinking water to wastewater and water pollution, visit

    For consumer water facts, visit the American Water Works Association’s website,

    Did you know you could save up to $100 per year washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot? WaterWise offers these bits of trivia as well as fun activities for kids, teachers, and parents at

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