The NTMWD currently meets the water needs for over 1.6 million consumers within its service area. State water plans estimate that region's population is expected to more than double by the year 2070, to an estimated 3.7 million. NTMWD has identified and is developing additional raw water supplies to meet the future water demands and population growth for the next 50 years. These identified water management strategies are included in the 2017 State Water Plan.

 The NTMWD's water supply strategies involve the use of a diversity of sources, including conservation and reuse, connecting to existing supplies, and connecting to new reservoirs. The least expensive water supply is gained from the demand management of the current available water supply, which comprises 30 percent of the future water supply planned for 2070. During the recent extended drought, many questions were asked about providing near-term water supply strategies to meet growing demand. Listed below are the near-term water management strategies that NTMWD is actively pursuing. For additional information on the state, Region C, and the NTMWD’s long-range water planning, use this link.

For more info on water supplies visit NTMWD Projects

Lower Boisd Arc Water Demand Chart Rev Jan2017

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